Guided Mobility, Supervision And Confidence Building

The Global Status report on road safety 2015 that shows such data from 180 countries indicates that worldwide total number of road traffic deaths has risen at 1.25 million per year, with the most road traffic fatality rates, which is over 85% recorded from low income countries even though these countries have more than half of the world’s vehicles. More than 40 million people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many ending up in a disability as a result of their injuries.

What are the key factors that keep contributing to this wave of road fatalities? Speed, seat-belts, Driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), motorbike helmets or child safety and usage of mobile phones which is categorized under distracted driving.

Secondary factors that contribute to road fatalities are bad roads, bad weather and faulty vehicles. Whilst the legislative correction actions are underway creating driver awareness especially the new drivers. The worldwide annual passenger car production is 68.56 million and annual commercial vehicle production is 22.12million. Combination of these two segments give us a number of 90.68 million annually. This number itself would give us a rough idea as to how many new drivers could sit behind the wheel annually.

Besides the legislature, Driving Schools have a daunting task in producing law abiding, skillful drivers. The key performance indicator should be “high pass rate” which also coin with ‘safer driving techniques”; if one does not pass, he or she may not practically get an opportunity to take the wheel to further horn or demonstrate safer driver skills. The key result area or the objective of a new applicant for a driver license is to satisfy the need, which is obtaining the license in the first go. Link here offer a great driving school that can suit your needs when it comes to driving.

The parents have a daunting task in assisting their children in finding the suitable training institute. One may neither get deceived by the brand names nor get attracted to discounts they throw at. Instead, you should assess the instructors’ profiles they have and the pass rate the institute generates. The best assessment tool could be through referrals and past trainee testimonials.

How to address indiscipline by the already licensed drivers? Not obeying or forgetting traffic laws, road rules can be the primary indiscipline a seasoned driver may go through due to various reasons. One could be due to overconfidence. Whichever may be the case, it has an adverse impact if leads to an accident. How about a refresher course? Yes! The Driving Schools that has a proper structure offers refresher courses, which a further driver is training for licensed drivers. Choose the right driver training institute to ensure your loved ones return back home safe every day.