Licensing Course For Davis Dyslexia Correction

According to history Ron Davis was a dyslexic who was able to find a solution to deal with his condition himself by figuring out the connection with his two sides; the artistic one and the dyslexic one. He came to the conclusion that when he was at his artistic best, his dyslexia were at its worst; hence, he locked himself in a hotel room for 3 days to make his dyslexia worse. It is believed that the dyslexics think in pictures; they can’t use words or sentences, and when disorientation occurs, misperceptions related to it cause mistakes, frustration, mood swings and loss of self esteem of the affected individual. To treat this condition, there are many Davis dyslexia correction programs with efficient Davis dyslexia facilitators; offering the individuals a strategic approach using focus tool (orientation counseling) and learning tool (symbol mystery) which helps them learn how to turn off the thought process that causes misperceptions.

Licensing course sequence

A Davis dyslexia facilitator is a professional who has a keen understanding of Davis theories and methods, and is able to structure and provide standard Davis dyslexia correction programs. To qualify for the position of Davis dyslexia facilitator, an individual needs to qualify for the license by completing a combination of participatory workshops and practice meetings along with field assignments. Usually the licensing course around the world has similar sequence that must be completed step wise in the form of stages and substages.

Stage 1 is the basic course series; includes Gift of dyslexia workshop which is a 4-day course on the basics of dyslexia theories, principles and application of procedures. Training is based on a combination of lectures, demonstrations, group practice and question and answer sessions. Then they have Basic Davis field assignments which includes assignment list, forms, and evaluation based on student reports. Advanced Davis method workshop is also of 4 days and it provides specialized training in advanced Davis procedures for addressing problems with attention focus, time management, and impulsive behavior.

Stage 2 is the professional training series; enrollment is limited to applicants for Facilitator Licensing. Steps include Advanced Davis field assignment, advanced supervised practice meeting, three training pod weeks, mastery of motivation and responsibility workshop, and final licensing field assignments.


Dyslexia Melbourne is a common condition in different countries and societies where the individual’s reading and writing ability is impaired; they only think in pictures and if disorientation occurs, it leads to misperception related mistakes, mood swings, anger and loss of self-esteem. Many programs are offered for Davis dyslexia correction with efficient facilitators that provide a strategic plan of treatment. The Davis dyslexia facilitators are professionals who have achieved a proper license through a systematic approach; completing tasks in various stages in step wise manner.