Plant Based Medicine And Their Benefits

More and more people are looking to traditional forms of medicine for various ailments and injuries. Due to this shift in thinking there are many people who are looking to study various forms of alternative treatments. Out of these various methods plant based medicine is gaining a lot of popularity.

These plant based treatments are known by various names such as herbal medicine, botanical treatments and herbology to name a few. With a growing body of knowledge and research in the area is fuelling an increased amount of interest in this subject prompting many people who are interested in being medical practitioners taking herbal medicine courses. In this form of medicine the focus is on natural elements such as seeds, flowers, roots and other parts of plants. Conventional medicine also uses plant based ingredients but they are limited to one key ingredient only while in the plant based method there may be several ingredients working together at once. Because of this your ayurvedic doctor or traditional treatment will recommend taking multiple herbs together to make the medicine work better or to reduce any potential after effects. Since synthetic particles are less, these treatments are also considered by people to be more natural. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this natural treatment measures.

  • Cost of treatment: prescription medicine or western medicine as it is popularly known is becoming more and more expensive and for a growing number of people it is becoming very expensive and not affordable at all. Therefore there is a shift towards plant based traditional medicine as it is less costly.
  • Lesser side effects: though herbs take longer to take affect there are lots of people opting for them because there is relatively less side affects compared with other western medicine. For an example antidepressant drugs are said to have many side effects, but herbs used for treatment of the same illness is reported to having very less side effects.
  • The options to take them are many: herbal medicine introduced in holistic medicine courses can be consumed in many ways. You can have it like tea or mixed with other food items, so it feels like more of a lifestyle choice than taking medicine. There are also capsules and syrups that you can take as well. Then there is the ointment and balms that can be used for various physical injures as well.
  • The benefits to the body are numerous : western medicines are focused on precision, which makes them good for treating only one ailment in one go. On the other hand herbs have multiple benefits, some herbs used for treating sugar can also help manage pressure or enhance memory.

Though there are many benefits herbs too can cause issues if taken in too many doses or in combination with other drugs. Therefore it is important that you consult a professional practitioner before taking on this form of treatment as well.